Pre-Op (before surgery) Instructions 

*​​Pets coming in to be spayed or neutered ​should not have any food or water
​after midnight, the ​night before surgery.

*Pet owners should bring their pet in a carrier with newspaper ONLY. 
​No blankets, towels, toys, etc

*Owner's name should be written on the carrier. If using a borrowed carrier, please write your name on tape and place on carrier.

*All cats, should be at the clinic between 7 & 8 AM

*All dogs, should be at the clinic between 10 & 11 AM​​.  It is ok to drop your dog off by 7 AM as well, if you need to do so before work, etc. 
*Make sure we have a good phone number to contact you when your pet is ready, ​because unless you specify that you will pick
​​your pet up after work, we will call you when your pet is ready.  You do not need to call us.​​​​
This process for making appointments has changed slightly from the past appointment process.

*****We are no longer accepting online /email request, only by phone. *****

To get an appointment for the clinic:

1. Please contact Jean Passmore's cell at 870-504-1221.
2. Jean will ask you to mail in a $10 deposit to secure your appointment for the next spay/neuter clinic. (**When mailing in your $10 deposit, please include a
good contact number, so that we may contact you to set up your appointment)
3. Once your deposit is received, you will receive a confirmation call from Carol
Duff, 501-745-3247 or Brandy Nance, 501-757-0403 to schedule an appointment

Note: Please do NOT send in deposit until asked by Jean to do so. This helps keep the appointment making process more accurate.

This deposit DOES count toward your overall fee. It is not an additional fee. Deposits are being required to insure fewer failed appointments, which makes for more pets actually getting spayed/neutered.

IF you do not mail in your $10 deposit, once instructed by Jean, we will not have you down for an appointment.

Note: IF you do not receive a confirmation call from Brandy or Carol stating we have received your deposit, we do not have you on our appointment list.

In either case, you would need to contact Jean Passmore at 870-504-1221.

If you have addition questions, please contact Jean at 870-504-1221.
Thank you your cooperation!

​​This new process makes it easier to insure a smooth running clinic. :)

​​​Operation Kindness
​Searcy County Humane Society
P. O. Box 543
Marshall, AR 72650
Next spay/neuter clinic to be announced